Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Trust comes to us as babes by nature. 

The nursing pup trusts its mother. The kitten, with its eyes closed, trusts. 

We, coming into this world, have to trust, for we have not built our discernment. We have no experience yet in this lifetime. Therefore, we enter as a blank canvas that seeks to know the feel of paint.

It is the artist that creates the painting. Through his touch, through his vision, through what burns within it mind or heart or soul...this comes to life upon the canvas. For we are the artist. We take what we see, experience, feel..and we begin to paint our canvas. 

Therefore, we create the painting of our life.

And if you notice...the word painting contains the word...pain.

And what we do with that up to the artist.

So, trust the gifts that came to you. Be it a lesson. Be is a experience.

Live life, not in black and white manner, but rather in a way that allows one to explore, witness and know the vast array of colors that exist.

And even those that don't!

Now, you're talking!


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